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FAQ Grabner Vapor Pressure

Yes, To comply with ASTM D5191 standards, sample must be chilled.
Yes, be sure to add a small amount of Piston Oil (0.1 mL) to prevent o-ring from drying out and/or possible piston errors. Possible tipping of the unit during shipping can cause oil loss. Refer to your user manual section 12.3 (Maint & Troubleshooting). To re-order Piston Oil, mention part #20111.
Luer inlet or inlet tube is leaking (air introduction), Replace inlet tube or luer inlet.
Your cell is probably leaking due to worn O-ring/valve packing.
Replace piston O-ring, Try to tighten valve first – if unsuccessful, replace valve.
Your sample is either too cold (high Pgas) or too warm (low Pgas).
Adjust sample preparation/handling procedures according to Standard; 32–34º F.
You probably have an improper/wrong correlation formula.
Check/Adjust correlation formula (see formula above).
Microswitch needs adjustment or is completely worn/faulty.
Piston can not reach desired position because of binding O-ring.
Adjust/replace microswitch, Oil/replace O-ring.
Backup battery is defective (Voltage: below 2.4V new type battery / below 3.6V old type)
when instrument is switched off. Replace back up battery.
Heating/cooling field effect transistors are shorting when switching.
Replace (4) FETs on Regulator/Amplifier PCB.
Wrong formula was set or chosen or Sample preparation was not correct according standard.
Set correct formula according the required standard;
Comply with sample preparation according standard.