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Petrolab Company offers the greatest selection of products for the biodiesel industry. Our laboratory and on-line product line includes automated instrumentation for analysis of flashpoint, vapor pressure and gasoline properties (Cetane Prediction).

Flashpoint of B100 and Biofuel Blends by ASTM D7094 Continuously Closed Cup Method. Excellent correlation to ASTM D93, D56, ISO 2719 and ISO 3679.

Fuel Analysis
Gasoline: Biofuel Content in Gasoline (up to 25% Ethanol), prediction of Octane Number, analysis of Methanol Content and Density.
Diesel: Biodiesel Content according to EN14078 and ASTM D7806 (up to 40% FAME). Prediction of Cetane Number, analysis of Methanol content and Density.

Vapor Pressure
Vapor pressure testers can be used to accurately measure effects of blending and can be used for the design of modern fuel injection systems, carburetors, gasoline pumps and tank systems, which have to deal with high ethanol blends.