• MiniFlash FLP/H TOUCH

    Grabner Instruments® portable flashpoint testers combines all of the field-proven advantages of the MINIFLASH tester line with a new convenient touch-screen design. The touch screen runs on a Microsoft® Windows® platform, the analyzer offers full compatibility with network, PCs and LIMS, user access control, new flashpoint methods and unique features for standard and advanced users.

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  • MiniFlash FLP/H/L

    The Grabner Instruments® MINIFLASH is the only series of instruments for the automatic determination of the flashpoint of liquids and solid samples according to the advanced ASTM D6450 & D7094 standards.

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  • MiniFlash FLA/H


    MINIFLASH is a unique series of flash point testers for the automatic determination of the flash point of liquids and solid samples according to ASTM D6450 and the advanced ASTM D7094 standard.

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  • MiniFlash for the Military


    The Grabner Instruments® MARFLASH & NAVIFLASH was specifically designed for Marine or Shipboard applications and requires only 1.0 mL of sample which facilitates cool-down between tests, reduces fire hazard and minimizes sample disposal.
    Choose from: MARFLASH Brochure | NAVIFLASH Brochure

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  • MINIWIN for Flashpoint


    MINIWIN allows for seamless integration of our Flashpoint testers with a PC or LIMS system.

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