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  • MiniFlash FP Vision

    The flashpoint tester MINIFLASH FP Vision determines flashpoint according to ASTM D6450 and ASTM D7094. Results are rated equivalent to Pensky Martens and are in excellent correlation to ASTM D56, ISO 13736, and IP 170. Part of Grabner Instruments Vision analyzer line, MINIFLASH FP Vision combines full-color touchscreen design with hassle-free communication via USB, Ethernet, LIMS and PC software COCKPIT.

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  • MiniFlash FPA Vision Autosampler

    The MINIFLASH FPA Vision Autosampler is the latest addition to the Vision-series product line, an automated accessory specifically developed for use with the MINIFLASH FP Vision analyzer. The modular design offers the flexibility to expand with an autosampler anytime. MINIFLASH FPA Vision autosampler can be used interchangeably with all FP Vision Series analyzers.

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  • MiniFlash for the Military


    The Grabner Instruments® MARFLASH & NAVIFLASH was specifically designed for Marine or Shipboard applications and requires only 1.0 mL of sample which facilitates cool-down between tests, reduces fire hazard and minimizes sample disposal.
    Choose from: MARFLASH Brochure | NAVIFLASH Brochure

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  • Cockpit Software for Vision Analyzers

    Global remote analyzer control and management. Access. Anywhere. Anytime.

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