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Grabner’s Cockpit™ PC Software for Vision Analyzers offers lab managers the utmost in flexibility. The software allows users to consolidate measurement results and statistics from multiple locations at one central lab and to store measurement data at any chosen location via direct Ethernet and LIMS-connection. The software can be accessed through a secure VPN tunnel, allowing true mobile access to instruments from any place at any time.

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Access. Anywhere. Anytime.
The MINIVAP VP Vision analyzer is the first in a series based on a new Grabner common platform design that is setting a new standard in connectivity.

Grabner Cockpit™ PC Software allows users to access analyzers from anywhere at any time.

Auto Detection.
New instruments are automatically recognized, if linked to the same network. Or simply use the unique analyzer IP address to connect your analyzer.

Review Results in One Lab.
Group analyzers to consolidate and review all results in one central lab. New results are detected automatically.

A global analyzer network can be configured to store all results in only one central Cockpit™ database.

Template Generator.
With just a few clicks, measuring templates can be created and customized methods can be added.

Roll out measuring templates for a global fleet of analyzers. Or build templates for your individual analyzer only. It´s your choice.

Calibration and Calibration History.
Grabner’s newly developed 2D- Correction™ (273 points) guarantees that accurate and precise results are received over the full measuring range.

Review analyzer calibration and calibration history through the Cockpit, or update analyzer calibration.

Get Support. When YOU need it.
You are in full control: Click "Connect to Grabner Instruments" on your analyzer to allow remote support.

Remote Software Upgrade.
The Cockpit™ automatically warns you, if an instrument´s software is outdated. Remote upgrade is performed with a simple click.

Latest updates for the Cockpit Software can be downloaded here:

Easy LIMS configuration.
LIMS configuration has never been easier.

User Management.
Control and distribute new users to multiple analyzers. Or unlock old users that forgot their password.

  • Specifications +

    The Cockpit works with the following OS:

    • The Cockpit works with the following OS:

    Minimum system requirements are:

    • RAM: 2 GB, 64 bit
    • CPU: min. i3, 4th generation, 1 GHz
    • Free disk space: 1 GB
    • Display: optimal is Full-HD (1920 x 1080)

    Tablet Use:

    • The Cockpit™ software can be used on Microsoft® Surface Pro 3 Windows® 8 or 10 tablets.
  • Downloads +

    The Cockpit works with the following OS:

    If you have a valid license, register to download the latest Cockpit Software here:
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