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Cockpit Software for Vision Analyzers

offers the utmost in flexibility. Lab managers use the PC software for Vision analyzers to consolidate measurement results and statistics from multiple locations in one central lab. By taking advantage of a direct Ethernet or a LIMS-connection, COCKPIT™ builds a bridge between the lab and Grabner vapor pressure testers in the field. Access via VPN tunnel adds an extra layer of security to the data transfer between Vision analyzers and COCKPIT™ software.

Grabner offers COCKPIT™ in the following versions: COCKPIT™ Basic, COCKPIT™ Comfort, COCKPIT™ Statistical Quality Control (SQC) and COCKPIT™ Premium. Each version brings unique features, being designed to fit various use cases. Choose the version that suits you the most and be in full control of your MINIVAP VP Vision analyzers.

Access. Anywhere. Anytime.

COCKPIT™ Software Packages  (Click on images to enlarge)

The MINIVAP VP Vision analyzer is the first in a series based on Grabner new common platform design. Our common platform design is setting a new standard in connectivity for analytical instruments. With COCKPIT™, you can access Vision analyzers from anywhere and at any time.


COCKPIT™ Basic is the entry software package. Among the features of COCKPIT™ Basic are:
Auto Detection
New instruments are automatically recognized when linked to the same network. You can also use the unique analyzer IP address to connect to it.
Review Results in One Lab
Group analyzers to consolidate and review measurement results in one central lab. New results are detected automatically. A global analyzer network can be configured to store all results in only one central using the COCKPIT™ database on any standard enterprise server.

Calibration and Calibration History
Grabner's unique 2D-Correction™ with 273 points guarantees that accurate and precise results are received over the full measuring range. You can review analyzer calibration and calibration history as well as update analyzer calibration using the COCKPIT™ software.

Easy LIMS configuration

LIMS configuration has never been easier.

Get Support When YOU Need It

You are in full control: allow remote support by clicking on "Connect to Grabner Instruments" on your analyzer.

Remote Software Upgrade.
COCKPIT™ Basic automatically warns you about outdated instrument software. Trigger a remote upgrade with a simple click.

COCKPIT™ Comfort
COCKPIT™ Comfort is designed to make Vision analyzers even more user-friendly. Among the features of COCKPIT™ Comfort are:
User Management
Control and distribute new users to multiple analyzers. Or unlock existing users who forgot their password.
Template Generator
Create measuring templates and roll them to a global fleet of analyzers with just a few clicks. It is your choice whether to build templates for individual analyzers or for all your MINIVAP VP Vision vapor pressure testers. COCKPIT™ Comfort also make it easy for lab managers to add customized methods.

COCKPIT™ Statistical Quality Control (SQC)
Get your laboratories ready for ASTM D6299 with COCKPIT™ Statistical Quality Control (SQC). Among the features of COCKPIT™ SQC are:

 Accuracy, Precision and Stability Test
Lab managers can use COCKPIT™ SQC to run accuracy, precision and stability tests. The software package supports accuracy tests on samples with a known accepted reference value (ARV) and precision and stability tests on stable samples from lots undergoing analysis.

Graphs for Statistical Quality Control
COCKPIT™ SQC plots data in I-Charts, MR of two charts and normal probability charts.

COCKPIT™ Premium

COCKPIT™ Premium includes the features of all packages: Basic, Comfort and SQC.

  • Specifications +

    The Cockpit works with the following OS:

    • Microsoft® Windows® 7, 64 bit, SP1 or higher

    Minimum system requirements are:

    • RAM: 2 GB, 64 bit
    • CPU: min. i3, 4th generation, 1 GHz
    • Free disk space: 1 GB
    • Display: optimal is Full-HD (1920 x 1080)

    Tablet Use:

    • The Cockpit™ software can be used on Microsoft® Surface Pro 3 Windows® 8 or 10 tablets.
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