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MiniVap On-Line

Grabner/Reid Vapor Pressure On-Line Analyzer

Compass Instruments represents the MINIVAP On-Line Vapor Pressure product.
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MINIVAP ON-LINE is a process monitoring analyzer for the determination of the vapor pressure of gasoline, crude oil, LPG and NPG. Also, the vapor-liquid ratio (LVR) of gasoline can be measured. The measuring principle is identical to the worldwide used laboratory instruments MINIVAP and therefore the MINIVAP ON-LINE produces equivalent results.

Up to 2 different sample streams can be connected to one single analyzer. The process vapor pressure tester fully complies to the industry relevant ASTM standards for gasoline (ASTM D6378), crude oil (D6377) and LPG (D6897).

The unmatched accuracy makes refineries save thousands of Dollars each day!

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MINIVAP ONLINE is fully compliant with all relevant specifications, using the same methodologies as the laboratory analyzers, which are the US EPA reference for highest precision.

With MINIVAP ON-LINE, the vapor pressure of gasoline (D6378 / D5191), crude oil (D6377 / D323), liquid petroleum gas (D6897 / D1267) and the vapor-liquid ratio temperature of gasoline (D5188) can be determined. With possible connection of up to 2 different sample streams, these measurements can be performed with one single instrument.