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A complete line of testing instruments for inspection laboratories is available from our Petrolab group. We specialize in instruments for vapor pressure, flashpoint, distillation, and color as well as equipment for hundreds of other ASTM, ISO, and DIN testing procedures. Below are a handful of items we offer. Click Here to check out our Laboratory Inspection Brochure.

Flashpoint Determination for compliance testing with transport regulations and for product specification. Approved by US D.O.T. and RCRA, Navy and NATO, excellent correlation to ASTM D93, and D56.

Distillation Properties of Gasoline, Naphta, Diesel, Jet Fuels, Biofuels, Chemicals, Solvents, Spirits, Narrow Boiling Products and Organic Liquids.

Fuel Analysis
Fast and comprehensive analysis on fuel quality utilizing key fuel properties such as Octane Number, Octane Boosters, MMT, Benzene, Oxygenates, Aromatics, Cetane Number, Cetane Improver, Density, Distillation and Vapor Pressure.

Vapor Pressure
Vapor Pressure Test for compliance with ADR, hazardous goods transportation regulations and Material Safety Data Sheets. Vapor Pressure versus temperature behavior at various liquid ratios.

Centrifuges are commonly used to measure water and sediment in crude oil, fuel oil and middle distillate fuel; the precipitation number of lubricating oils and insolubles in used lubricating oils.

Inspection Brochure
Check out our complete product line for Laboratory Conformance.