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Petrolab offers a full line of petroleum test instrumentation for the refinery according to industry (ASTM, IP, DIN, ISO, EN, AFNOR), government (FTM) and other test standards, including flashpoint testers, examination of liquefied petroleum gases and fuels, examination of oils, lubricants, greases and waxes, asphalts etc.

Applications areas include refinery testing, Research & Development, manufacturing, quality control, as well as proprietary applications in many industries. Check out the below products:

Flashpoint Determination for compliance testing with transport regulations and for product specification. Approved by US D.O.T. and RCRA, Navy and NATO, excellent correlation to ASTM D93, and D56.

Fuel Analysis
Fast and comprehensive analysis on fuel quality utilizing key fuel properties such as Octane Number, Octane Boosters, MMT, Benzene, Oxygenates, Aromatics, Cetane Number, Cetane Improver, Density, Distillation and Vapor Pressure.

Vapor Pressure
Vapor pressure of Gasoline, Crude Oil, LPG and LNG for various temperatures at various vapor liquid ratios. EPA and CARB reference tester, Laboratory and Process Analyzers available.