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Calibrations & Upgrades

Petrolab Company's 40,000 square foot central service and technical support facility located in Tulsa, Oklahoma is equipped and staffed to efficiently meet customer's most challenging requirements. Your instrument will be calibrated in full conformance with manufacturer's ISO specifications. Choose from the below options to best suit your instrument needs.

Maximize your savings and take advantage of the G-CARE GOLD Package. Click here for more information.

When sending your instrument in for calibration, be sure to:
- Obtain a Return Authorization number through the website (RA Link).
- Be sure to place your RA# and Serial # on the outside of your shipping box.
- Always use proper packaging when shipping your instrument. Order a preferred travel case (Case Link).
- It is not necessary to include cords and accessories when shipping unit.
- Provide PO# or credit card information to expedite return.

Grabner Vapor Pressure Testers - Calibrations & Upgrades:

  • CALCHECK MiniVap - Meets ASTM D5191 Mandate
    (Calibration and Functional Verification of Vapor Pressure Testers)


  • CALPLUS MiniVap - Not Required to Meet ASTM D5191 Mandate
    (Manufacturer's Recommended Annual Maintenance and Calibration)


  • CALPLUS-VPSO Measuring Cell
    (Manufacturer's Recommended Annual Maintenance and Calibration)


Grabner Flashpoint Testers - Calibrations & Upgrades:
  • CALPLUS MiniFlash
    (Manufacturer's Recommended Annual Maintenance and Calibration)

  • CALPLUS FLA(H) 8-Sampler
    (Manufacturer's Recommended Annual Maintenance and Calibration)


Grabner CARE - Upgrades for VISION Analyzers: 
    Warranty extension to 3 years or a maximum of 50,000 measurement cycles; 2
    CAL-PLUS included; Priority maintenance and service; 1 free loaner unit for 2
    weeks or the duration of any repair. Click here for more information.