Grabner distillation method included in ASTM specifications for diesel and jet fuels

Monday, April 1, 2019

Grabner distillation method included in ASTM specifications for diesel and jet fuels

AMETEK Grabner Instruments distillation method has been included in ASTM specifications for diesel and jet fuels. The recognition of the Grabner mini method as alternative to the traditional distillation test method D86 gives petroleum refineries, the automotive and the aviation industry a competitive edge: Measuring time and sample waste is reduced, while measurement precision and safety in the lab is increased.

The mini method ASTM D7344 was designed in 2007 by Grabner Instruments, a subsidiary of AMETEK Inc. In 2017 a revision of the method was released: Based on the results of a large interlaboratory study, precision of the ASTM D7344 method was found to be comparable or better than the precision of the classical D86 method. As a result, ASTM D02 committee voted to accept the Grabner method as an alternative distillation method for ASTM D975 Diesel and ASTM D1655 jet fuel specifications.

The benefits of the new design go beyond improved repeatability and reproducibility. D7344 requires only 6 mL sample for true atmospheric distillation measurements. Paired with the automatic filling and dosing systems of Grabner’s D7344 MINIDIS ADXpert distillation apparatus, the small sample size also promotes faster analysis time. Distillation runs on a D7344 MINIDIS ADXpert apparatus and typically take less than 30 minutes - faster than tests with other distillation apparatus! The analyzer is portable and the small sample and sealed distillation cycle eliminate the risk of fire and the need for a fire extinguisher during distillation runs.

Petrochemical, mining and aviation companies profit greatly from the automatic heater regulation of the D7344 analyzers, because they often test problematic samples that do not distill well under D86. “We have purchased the Grabner D7344 MINIDIS as an alternative to traditional D86 distillation units. It has proven its performance and reliability in our lab. Easy to use with automated sample handling, low maintenance costs, using only little space on our lab bench: My staff loves the MINIDIS!”, says Jim Koscielniak, manager at Plains All American Pipeline. 

Petrolab Company, a subsidiary of AMETEK Inc., is considered one of the world´s leading providers of automatic petroleum testing equipment. The success is based on the development of Grabner's portable, rugged and easy-to-operate fuel and oil analyzers for accurate quality control in the laboratory as well as for fast on-site tests in mobile lab facilities. For additional information on the MINIDIS ADXpert, Click Here.