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Company Overview

The strong service oriented organization known today as Petrolab Company evolved from a solid technical and administrative support base. The origins of its automated testers trace back to the original inventors. Petrolab Company is actively involved with ASTM and other standards organizations and professional societies.

Today, Petrolab Company proudly offers the largest and most complete combination of petrochemical and chemical test instrumentation and accessories in the world. Additionally, the diversity of the product line that Petrolab Company has assembled positions the company as a market leader in a broad spectrum of industries to include food quality and safety, flavor and fragrance development, environmental sciences, pharmaceuticals, plastics, biodiesel, paints and coating and widespread applications in the government and transportation sectors.

Petrolab Company's continuing impressive growth is a direct result of providing excellent products at effective prices in combination with targeted marketing, sales, localized inventory as well as a world-class calibration and repair facility supported by a professionally staffed administrative and technical service group.